Artem Arsenian is a nomadic art manager,(1) producer and curator of performative art,(2) marketing/digital media specialist(3) and researcher.(4) Based between France and Germany.


As a nomadic art manager, I navigate diverse artistic landscapes, embracing adaptability and forging connections across borders. My approach reflects a commitment to exploring and amplifying experimental and open-ended performative art forms.


I’m not just a manager; I’m a dynamic producer and curator of performative art. My passion lies in transforming spaces into immersive stages, creating memorable experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.


In the realm of marketing and digital media, I excel as a specialist, seamlessly blending creativity with technological acumen. I leverage digital platforms to amplify artistic messages, ensuring that art reaches a broader audience and resonates on a global scale.


As a researcher, I am focused on the impact of digitalization on a world in transition. I am particularly interested in exploring the possibilities at the intersection of digital art and theatre through open-ended, processual artistic, and militant research. My aim is to examine works with decoloniality, not merely as a metaphor, but in the perception of action.

Explore my accomplished projects and delve into their stories.

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Summer Festival of Arts
"The Access Point"

Since 2015, I have been part of the team for the site-specific art festival “Access Point.” I developed the marketing strategy, curated the first version of the fringe program “Flow Program,” and during the 2020 pandemic, I led the digital direction of the festival. I organised broadcasts and launched digital performances in collaboration with Rimini Protokoll, Ant Hampton, Tassos Stevens, and Semyon Alexandrovsky. In 2021, I curated hybrid projects taking place simultaneously in digital and physical spaces, and I worked as the executive production manager for the process-oriented project “The Rose Khairullina Benefit.”

New European Theatre Festival

In 2018, the festival underwent rebranding, and I played a key role in coordinating marketing efforts and initiating ticket sales. Collaborating with Context Festival and Yandex, we established the “Ya v Teatre” platform, launching online broadcasts of Christophe Marthaler’s performance (accumulating over 50,000 unique views) and NO99 Theatre’s latest ever production. Additionally, in 2021, I spearheaded the launch of a redesigned festival website.

Space 51. Etud-Theatre

As the producer behind the premiered shows “My Sunshine No Longer Shines for Me” and “Excursion Fourteen Plus,” I collaborated with Timur Ivashkevich, Vova Antipov, Evgeniya Boginskaya, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, and Liza Sorokina during the 2016/2017 season. Together, we produced season premieres and coordinated the venue. In March 2019, I partnered with Organisms Theatre to launch the contemporary art and performance cabaret project “Noga Bomzha.” Each evening featured a unique theme and lineup of artists.

Kuryokhin Centre

In 2015, I worked as a PR manager, handling the centre’s digital media. Alongside Danil Vachegin, I oversaw the Theatre in the “Priboy” program, hosting the premieres of TRU Theatre’s “Youth is Alive” and Mitya Egorov’s “Gloomy Sunday.”

the Old Woman's Route

Between 2014 and 2018, I collaborated with producers Timur Ivashkevich, Egor Tatrenko, and curator Konstantin Uchitel on the development and organization of the project “the Old Woman’s Route.” This initiative involved a performative, site-specific walk through Daniil Kharms’ texts in St. Petersburg each year.

Bolshoi Drama Theatre named after G. Tovstonogov

In 2014, within the director’s laboratory at TPAM, I curated the sketch “Bela” (directed by A. Sozonov), adapting it from Lermontov’s novel “Hero of Our Time.” This site-specific performance unfolded within the confines of a school gym. Boris Pavlovich was the laboratory curator.

Manifesta 10

I volunteered during the opening week of Manifesta 10, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Jonathan Livingston Art-сafe

As a co-curator of the Dadaism festival “BezObrazie” and a co-author of the program and concept for the poetry slam organized by the association “Intention.”