About me

Artem Arsenian (Armenian, born in 1995 in Krasnodar, Russia, based in Lyon, France) is a nomadic artist, curator and researcher. The main focus of his practice is digital technologies and new media connected with theatrical and performing arts, participatory, political and social theatre.

Since 2020, the main focus of Artem is the creation of hybrid (combining performances in live and digital spaces) and digital performances. During this time, Artem collaborated as part of his work at the Access Point festival with collectives and artists like Rimini Protokoll, Semyon Alexandrovsky, Seryozhi Che/Anastasia Yudina/Leon Tselebrovsky/Rosa Khairullina and others. Artem is also a curator and producer of theatrical events and festivals (Temporary Festival. Yerevan, ALP Multidisciplinary Festival, Flow Program of the Access Point Festival).

An important aspect of Artem’s work is marketing and building communication technologies in theatrical and cultural institutions. Over the years of practice, Artem has been researching and promoting relevant pedagogical methods of working with the audience of cultural projects in order to involve them in action and create transparent systems of the interaction of art projects with his audience.

Theatre is a space of time where it is important to responsibly respond to the world in which it is located. After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Artem focused on activist projects, using experiences from his past activities.

From October 2022 based in France and continue work on the theatre and performative projects.